Successful Chamber Breakfast Helps Keep the Peace

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Conflict resolution and mediation are valuable skills that apply to all areas of life, not just the Workplace, but in situations with friends, family and even strangers in public.

May saw the return of our Chamber Breakfasts for 2016 and we started off well with a very informative presentation on conflict resolution by John Rosley and Paul Hemphill who are commercial and workplace mediators practicing in and around Coffs Harbour.

They are currently undertaking presentations to Government and business organisations extolling the pleasures of alternative dispute resolution and we were lucky enough to have them present their work to us.

One of the clear messages that the presentation delivered was an explanation of the danger to employers and their insurers of failing to deal effectively with workplace conflicts. Key strategies include:

– Developing active listening skills;
– Taking all issues seriously and responding firmly, but fairly;
– Acting in a professional manner;
– Leading by example;
– Being inclusive – saying “we” and “us” instead of “I” and “me”.

Attendees were entertained with an informative and interesting presentation by two individual and very different mediators working independently but in cooperation, undertaking workplace and commercial dispute resolution.

If you wish to contact John Rosley or Paul Hemphill please email the Chamber at for contact details.

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